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Beginner from Belgium

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I'm Brecht, I'm from Belgium, Ghent.

I'm following eveningcourses with a blacksmith (and a group of other students) to become a blacksmith. I like it, so it is time to invest in tools of my own. Looking for an anvil (or something that can be used, I'm looking around in the bin at work : heavy machinery repair shop).

Already looking around here for a couple of weeks/months before posting. 

I rent a small workshop where I have a welder and some equipment for that. I share it with others.


and to mess you guys up, i just copy the title of the fellow from Deinze just below me ;) 

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  • gewoon ik changed the title to Beginner from Belgium

The  heavy machinery repair shop dumpster should be a great source for improvised anvils, as well as other things.  Look for inside and outside curves that can be used as a swedge, and anything with a shape that can be forged.  

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1 hour ago, Goblin_Smithy said:

Hello Brecht, are/were you by any chance once a member of the PRF forum? If so, I think we know each other! 


Glenn and Irondragon. Thanks. At the moment only the small stuff falls of, nothing big yet. But it is a matter of time.

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