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Another anvil ID request

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Picked this up today on a bit of a lark.  It was absolutely covered in very old dirt.  Cleaned it off and it indicates a 1 - 0 - 10 hundredweight at approx. 121 on my scale.  It is in surprisingly good shape for what info I was given - abandoned in an old barn.  As the title indicates, I'd like help with an ID.  This will be used by me (mostly my children, actually) and not resold.

The (seemingly) unique thing is the weight is on the opposite side of the maker stamp.  I can only make out but so much of the name, probably "warranty" and above that "W", maybe a space, two unintelligible letters, then what appears as "CYD"... maybe "OYD" and W Floyd? Anyway, I thought perhaps one of you may know of makers that put the hundredweight on the other side of the body.  

I attempted to lift better prints with chalk and pencil and paper etching - no success.  

9 3/4" tall, 21" long, 4" wide at face. Good rebound.  All in all nicer than I expected pre-purchase and I'm interested in seeing how it compares to my heavier PW.









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