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Hello all!


I got lucky this week and grabbed an old post vise, and after a little wire wheel work, and some oil it’s back to moving condition, only issue I’ve had is that when turning the vise, the screw box spins independently with the handle when closed all the way, so significant force can’t be applied without holding the screw box body.

The threads look great, it feels like there should be something either keying the screw box to prevent spinning, or adding friction against the vise body for the same purpose.

I can post more pictures later today, but the construction of the screw box looks neat, like a roll of steel was forge welded into a circle, and then the threads bored out, and the washers on the handle side show similar construction, forge welded rings which is cool to see.


Before and After Pics + Markings Attached





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Yes, the screw box should be keyed into the heal (non moving) jaw. I don't know how on your vise, methods vary. 

Nice vise, looks better than either of mine. Mine work though. :P Seriously, that's a SWEET score.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yeah, unfortunately no key, and there’s not really a key slot on be vise either, here’s a some more pics;

First few are angles of the screw box, second set are one of each leg of the vise.

The only solution I see is fitting a narrow “L shaped piece of metal into each of the two holes, with the screw box oriented such that they’re vertical, so rotation would be blocked. Though I likely lack the skill to make those haha.







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A key welded on the outside of the screw box should suffice, mine does not have a keyway in the vise but has that same shape and it keeps the screw box from turning, might turn a smidge either way as I tighten or loosen before the key hits the vise but not much.

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I was thinking of suggesting welding on a nub to catch it from spinning.  Then I was thinking some threads are brazed in so that might loosen the threads if that were the case. The screw box needs to move with the screw up and down so you don't want to weld it to the jaw opening for it. 

I'd suggest minimizing the heat transfer if you weld on nubs to catch the oval preventing spin. 

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WARNING  that is an "old school" screw box  made by forge brazing parts together---the screw threads are probably forge brazed into that tube that was forged from flat sheet---see the seam?  I would not do anything that used heat on the screw box!!!

As for the vise body, not hard to cut a keyway in it...

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