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Strut shaft steel

Jason W

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Hey all I apologize if this has already been covered but I am curious about strut shaft steel. I mentioned to my mechanic that i'm looking for steel that he's tossing away so he was nice enough to cut the shafts out of some struts for me. My plan is to use them for tools but because they are so polished I'm concerned if they might be chromed and I don't really feel like poisoning myself today... or well, ever...


Does anyone have experience with using strut shafts? Does anyone know what steel is typically used? 



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if it is chromed you may be able to remove the plating in an acid bath.  I'd use hydrochloric/mueriatic and soak it overnight.  There are a number of threads about removing plating chemically.  Do NOT remove it with a wire wheel because you will then be breathing in the chrome dust.

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I have a couple shock shafts I cut off from old shocks.  They have been sitting out for quite a while now and are showing no signs of oxidation.  VERY likely they are chrome plated.  I doubt that a wire wheel would remove the chrome, maybe after using a lot of wheels, due to the chrome being so hard.  It would take some grinding but don't do that either.

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If you strip plating chemically you end up with having to dispose of a serious hazmat. If you have a plating shop they can strip it safely for a price.

I'd rather just buy some medium-high carbon or straighten a piece of coil spring. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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