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Yeehaw!! Scored big!

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So I am trying to figure out exactly what to do.

The 2 cylinders are 3.5" diameter which I fear may be to small. I really like the look of the welded fork tyne anvil Thomas made.

I was considering welding a piece of the tyne to the 170# scale rail or to the rail car coupler in the pictures. Thoughts?

The coupler has a large mass to it but is not very hard compared to the cylinders or tynes.



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If it were me I would weld up a forklift tine post anvil and use the cylinders as horns, save the rail road rail for future projects, and use the coupler as a striking anvil if you ever have someone striking for  you. The coupler has some great features, it looks like you have a built in dishing depression/ straightening. It works well on end as a post anvil, has a hole that you can drift through. The possibilities are endless.

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