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T Rated Propane Hose Recommendation


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I just purchased a 100lb LP tank to be used for dual purpose:

  1. Treadle torch with gas saver.  Acetylene was too expensive and I found out that I was using too small of a recommended cylinder per Smith's recommendation of: "Acetylene must not be withdrawn at more than 1/7 of the cylinder capacity per hour (50 SCFH for a 350-cu.-ft. cylinder)."
  2. Get back to running my propane forge until I finish repairing my masonry forge, plus, the extra heat in the winter.  

    I have used a t-grade hose in the past and want to switch to something a little more protected and do a run of 20 feet to the LP rated gas saver for the treadle and then a flexible line to the torch.  Should I do a copper line to the gas saver, then t grade welding leads? 

    I also will be adding a Y connector to do a separate line to the gas forge.  In the past I have used a red t-grade hose and I've notices some stress cracks by the regulator.  I want to switch to something that is sheathed and do a run of at least 20 feet, any recommendations?  I've actually burned through a propane tank hose that goes to a 1 lb disposable tank connected to a benzomatic.

    Finally, the torch tip on an acetylene tip is not supposed to be used with Propane apparently, correct?  

    I wasn't sure where to post this since I'm asking gas forge questions and torch questions, all related to an LP tank, apologies to the moderators. 





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I only have a good answer to the last question, which is Yes, acetylene tips are no good for propane. I see that your gas saver is propane-rated; make sure your regulator is as well. 

Having built my own treadle torch, I’ll be interested to see how yours goes. Keep us posted.


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