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I've refurbished a bunch but I sure don't hold a record on it. I'm usually slow to get around to it unless I need it now. 

I have even found some old two prong style for some pretty old christmas tree light style green extension cords. 


Any step forward is a great step otherwise untaken. 

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Same cable. One end has been out in the weather for eleven years. Yep, two male plugs on the same cable. With my arthritis, I was so happy that it only took six minutes to mount the new plug, only to.... oops! Happy New Year!

Robert Taylor

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What will they think of next over there in California.

Wait.. Robert.. Is this some sort of improvised taser device to jab intruders with 120V? If so, you might want to find an extension cord that reaches out to the end of your property. Do they have stand your ground over there?

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I needed to weld an extension on one of my fence poles. Tried to use a l00' 14-3 cord on my little HF dc inverter.  Just a bit too much drop on the line to maintain an arc.  Did not want to reinjure my back by wrassling the genset.  

So, refurbed the 75' 12-3, and dragged the end up to do a ring test. OOPS. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked...20220113_145729.thumb.jpg.efe126f8b786a8a54c8913c8b95f6c47.jpg

These two females were right next to the male. Swapped out, and got the job done. Will give you a laugh when you see the weld...

I have a thunder stick for intruders - no need to bring the lightning...

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