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Yes, the GPS will get you lost faster, and further.  Our blacksmith organization president was coming from Little Rock to a chapter meeting in far NW Arkansas.  He neglected to tell his GPS receiver to "avoid gravel/dirt roads".  He was about an hour late arriving and when he did, he was some kind of frazzled.  Seems the GPS took him off the interstate and through a maze of back country dirt roads.  He would pass an old house with a dude sitting in a rocker on the porch, giving him an evil stare as he passed by, and thought he was hearing "Dueling Banjos"!!

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  Funny thing about the area of NC I moved to, they have no street signs.  City or out in the boonies.  Without GPS you would miss every dr. appt and find yourself three counties away if you took a wrong turn.  I wonder what's safer, a GPS jabbering at you or looking at a map unfolded in your lap?

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I finally had to put a big sign at the entrance of my driveway which says.

Private Drive

No outlet

Your GPS is wrong.

The final group of motorcycles ending up in my front yard was the straw that broke the camel's back. It took me a couple of years arguing with the county that had the driveway marked as a county road due to GPS.

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Ahh y’all… if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times… 

turn right at the orange cattle panel

go two miles an turn right at the cattle guard,

go two miles turn right at the old barn 

go two miles an turn right at the ol mill pond

go two miles turn right an pull over an ask for directions :lol:

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Sorry bout that Scott! That’s the back way in…

the short cut is to cut over walking stick mountain then follow turtle shell creek an hang left at bobcat point, then follow the road 3-1/2 miles and pass the old red barn an follow smoky hollar till you hit my driveway! 

easy peasy! :lol:

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You forgot the turn where Burt fell off the beet truck in '54 and using the old Jones place as a landmark (the Jones' last owned that property 50 years ago and it burned down 20 years ago.) Also, roads that have changed names several times over the years.  Only use the obsolete names.  Distances in obscure or obsolete units are good too, e.g. rods or perches.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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A high school friend of mine worked in a service station visible from the North bound on and off ramps of I 5. It didn't matter who it was if they asked for directions he pointed to the N bound on ramp and told them to take the next off ramp. 

If you got off on that road it was about 45 miles of old canyon dirt road back to town. There were a few large old ranches and one dead mine on that road and nothing else. The up side is you couldn't get lost, though you probably wouldn't know where you were when you came to the first paved road and a street sign. Wouldn't care either. 

I guess Caltrans finally put a large NO OUTLET sign on that off ramp. Spoil sports. 

Good memories. <sigh>

I just now saw on the late night news, I missed it earlier with the hostage situation in Texas. We've been under a tsunami watch all day which turned out to be a couple feet most places.

Anyway Baxter the male dachshund woke me up, licking my head and ears so I got up and took him out. When we got down stairs he headed straight for his regular bed and burrowed into the blanket. 

This irritated me and I was rather gruff when I made him to out anyway. 

Well, watching the local news I hear people heard the exploding volcano around 4am. I heard the explosion, it rattled the house a little, sounded sort of like a door slamming a couple few times. 

Baxter woke me up because loud noises, quakes and strong winds scare him. I only just  now realized why he woke me up and I'm bummed I was gruff with him.

Frosty The Lucky.


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