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I Forge Iron

How to forge a flanged mace without welding.

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1 hour ago, anvil said:

I also don't think the handle was wood. It seems if it was, it would be a single use weapon. 

Lots of weapons got wooden handles, including a fair few axes and war hammers (not to mention all those polearms). 

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No argument on my part. However I was only meaning this tool. The rivet head on the top and splitting wood by hand with a maul are the reasons for my comment. When I figured in the rivet, I thought a metal handle with a mortise and tenon joinery at the top would explain the rivet. Also I did a quick google which brought up some poor pics and the handles looked metal.

Heres another possible solution. And in a sense, it's a reason for a double socket. Perhaps the fins are keyed into the outer socket. The inner socket is the lock and is a socket with a solid top and tenon. Slide the inner socket into the outer socket. Twist the inner socket to align all  slots, then put the fins into the now open slots of both sockets. Now twist the inner socket back to lock in the fins. If the "studs" (locks) are tapered sorta like a cam, It would even "cam" the fins to the top. Peen the rivet to secure the whole shebang. If the bottom of the fin key had a hook on it, when drawn up to the top, it would lock the bottom of the fin into place.  Insert and secure any handle of choice. From the pic, the fins don't look forge welded and if forged from a solid piece, the transitions look very prone to cold shuts. I can't figure a way to have each fin be one piece and extend out both sides, and I can't see any other reason for a double socket. It also means that if the fins got trashed in combat, you could pop the rivet and unlock the fins and replace them. Forged and filed and far simpler than a 9th century lock.

No matter what, a cool puzzle.

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