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Daughter #2 has contracted COVID


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Hey All

Twenty four years ago this coming March our little one was born to us with Cystic Fibrosis.  We knew nothing of the disease at the time, it was a complete and total shock to my wife and me.  I was a very self reliant man in those times (or so I thought).  Eventually I came to realize that I could earn millions of dollars, buy a hospital etc. etc. and not add one day to her life.  The concept of "powerlessness" came home to me in those ensuing years in a big way, and my Almighty finally brought me into the fold, probably in the only way that would have got it done. Time went on, and that same daughter today is married to the love of her life, on new and better medication, and doing great.  As careful as we and the various in laws have been though she has been exposed and contracted COVID; although it seems a mild variant.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Thank you.

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Daughter got a COVID IV antibody treatment that is used by health care workers, says  she is feeling much better, and apparently this variant skipped the lungs.  Things work out so much better for her when I let go and let God.  Thanks again everybody.  Sure is hard not to be Superdad, take charge, and insult everyone's intelligence though.


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