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Rough day

Ferrous Beuler

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Today was rough. A day like any other, no different. Rose at 5:00 like always, got ready with the wife and both of us out the door on our separate ways by 5:30 to our jobs. Just another day. Same old same old.
Coming home was not the usual. She was not there and usually is home before me. She had been summoned to the doctor's office to hear the results of an MRI from two days before.
Long story short, she has a marble size mass in her head. We don't know much more for now.
This is one of those moments in life that makes me feel like I am powerless against a foe I cannot fight. I can't do anything about this and that is hard to take.
All I can do is comfort her and the two of us wait for more results.
A little bit of prayer in her behalf couldn't hurt.

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Dan, I know exactly what your feeling and going through, unfortunately, about 9 years ago, not long after we were married, my wife was having problems so looooong story short her Dr. sent her to get an MRI and they found a mass in her brain.

This was devistating, for her and me, we were just begining our life together, she was only 19 (I'm a little older than her), and she was already on her way to being a great hairstylist, she is extremely talented, even at that age and early in her career she was making on average $1000 a week, so to get this kind of news just brought everything crashing down around us.

It took quite a while, what seemed like months but was probably 2-3 weeks, to get an appointment with the top nuerologist in Philladelphia and to get some comfort in that it was not likely what we were fearing most, and over the next few months and test after test after test we found that it was not a tumor and was a defect that she was likely born with and never gave her any trouble until she was an adult and now her brain needed all the room God designed for it and it was causing the issue's due to pressure, this was even more troubling when the Dr. told us that where her mass was it was basically not operable due to were it was, and if it was a tumor that had to come out there would almost definately be permanate brain damage from minor to posible vegitable state.

Basically it has caused her to have a form of epilepsy which is controlled with medication and annual MRI's to monitor to be sure nothing changes, it has been a long and bumpy road but she lives a perfectly normal life and if you met her you would not know there was anything wrong with her and she does not even have any seizures.

I know that was a bit of a lengthy post but I just wanted to try and give you some hope, and that it may not be as bad as you may be fearing, but none the less she will be in my prayers as well as you because I know what you personally are going through and what it is like to she the one you love most in this world be scared and suffering and there is nothing you can do.

It is not easy but keep your faith up now more than ever and pray, pray, pray, and know that there will be a lot of us praying for you as well, and let her know that we are praying for her as well, it will surely give her some comfort to know.

Please let us know as you find out more about her situation.


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Thank you all for the overwhelming show of support.
Just when we think life is going along nice and smoothe out of nowhere comes this. Things like this can happen to any one of us at any time.
This month my wife and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary and I am looking forward to many many more with her.
Jill was diagnosed following an MRI for persistent headaches with menengioma.
A mass was found which is eggshaped, roughly 1 cm x 1.5 cm attached to the menengis, a membrane around the brain. It is located between the front upper sinuses and the brain. It is embedded/ attached to bone. It is not in her brain and at this point the preliminary diagnosis is 95% benign.
Let's hope so.
For now she has begun medication to see if it can be shrunk. We will know more of course as she sees more doctors.
Thank you all. Dan

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