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Does anyone know this Brand?

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Hello everyone.


Alex here from the Netherlands. 
I have an anvil that has been in my shop for a long while now. However I can’t figure out what brand it is or where it is from. 
I have been told it could be from the Netherlands, Groningen to be exact. 

Does anyone know more about this anvil?


I hope someone can shine a light on this. Thanks in advance.








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Welcome Alex, wish I could help with the ID of your anvil. It looks like a good one to me. We won't remember you are in the Netherlands once leaving this post, but if you put that in your profile we will see it with every post. I bet some of the members in your area will have more info on the anvil.

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Hello; Coming from Belgium, I know the beginnings of Belgium and German anvils, but i know awfully little about Dutch anvils. I know they were a "thing" given the shipbuilding history; but I've never been confronted with one. Maybe Technicus Joey (youtube) knows something about this anvil ?

Can you test the anvil ? IE, how hard is it, how is the ring/ rebound ? does it have a steel top plate and a softer body ? Is it one-piece steel ?

VR really doesn't tell me anything, sorry.

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