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Power hammer foundation follow-along

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Sorry to change the subject again but make sure you keep us posted on that little baby on the way! 

my wife was 24 hrs in labor with our son, it was a long haul at the hospital but even after all the pain and stress she was glowing when she held our boy! 
I never understood the term glowing till I seen it first hand! 

I will say that the hospital food was terrible in my opinion lol, after eating that stuff for three days I was glad to get outta there! 

mom will need lots of sleep when she first gets home the next day or maybe two,

I found pushing the baby around the house In the bassinet worked perfect to put him to sleep, that and I download 12 variations of “ah vous dirai je maman” by Mozart the cover artist I got was called John Novacek, it worked like a charm lol! 




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On 9/28/2021 at 4:02 AM, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

make sure you keep us posted on that little baby on the way!

I sure will! Some posts back I said the baby would come in two weeks. I don't know what I meant then! The baby is supposed to come on the 6th of November! So 3,5 weeks! :blink::D It seems to me my partner is glowing already when she's talking about the baby. She is so happy! :D

The workshop has to wait because I sold some timber and I have to do pre-harvest clearing over the coming weekends. But on the other hand it might start moving faster during the weeks because I decided against using threaded rods, pipes, and nuts welded onto plates. It is way too overengineered for a hobby shop. I would spend a lot of time sourcing all the different parts, thick steel, pipes, weld nuts that might warp, then weld it all together with a few millimeters' tolerance. Instead I will drill holes and use Hilti's chemical anchoring. This means I can start digging soon, get the foundation cast and then I can move on to the floor.

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Congratulations on your impending fatherhood.  Is this your first?  If so, it will change your life in ways you cannot imagine.

My late wife and I were not trying to start a family but we were being a little casual about NOT starting a family and we had to swallow hard when the little test strip turned color.  That said, I am REALLY glad to be a dad.  My son is 30 now and even though there have been some rough times fatherhood is something I am very glad I have experienced and it has made me a better man.

Good luck.  You are starting on a long and strange journey.


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Yes timing, especially for a first, is not very accurate and our Lamaze Class was really great, I still use the relaxation exercises and my kids are in their 30's.

My advice: do as much on your shop before the birth as possible!

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