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I Forge Iron

What is this?


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That is what it is, a portable side draft coal/charcoal forge. Mostly used by Farriers but any blacksmith may have had one. They were filled with dirt/clay to make the firepot. That forge looks to be quite old, I have never seen another like it. Good condition too.

You might want to put your location in your profile as many questions require knowing where in the world you are located.

I found several posts about the forge.



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Several years back I saw a complete US Calvary  forge for sale on Craigslist an it came with a 30 pound Trenton IIRC, I’m not sure if that was the original anvil to the set but it would make sense, you probably wouldn’t want an anvil in the box that weighs more then the entire setup lol

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The portable cavalry forge anvil I had was from the US civil war era and the anvil fit inside the wooden anvil stand.  I passed it on to Dave Einhorn who wrote the book "Civil War Blacksmithing" with the plans for building a complete kit as well as some info on re-enacting here in the USA.  Found it in an antique store in El Paso TX, they had posted "sale Pics" on CL and I saw it peaking out of the "fussy antiques"; recognized it and was on my way ASAP! The stand was in rough condition but enough was left to serve as a good model for a replacement. 

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