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Who ships heavy/large items?

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Fastenal will ship internal store to store but there is no promise as to the time.

Check with the motor freight companies for less than full load rates. Just be sure it is secured to a pallet and well protected.  There are companies out there that specialize in one off items.

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I see a Paella pan.

I had a K member for my 74 Duster shipped via Greyhound.

Shipping right now is very expensive via truck. You can try Uship, and see if someone could use a filler for lower cost. I used it to get a 56 Imperial shipped from WI to NV for $860.  The guy was headed to Las Vegas to pick up a Yukon he bought, so hauling my car out was no big deal.

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When you start talking LTL, weight isn't typically an issue (unless your talking items that weight thousands and thousands of pounds each) as you are more charged per pallet space. Around here, I can ship a pallet of goods for roughly ~$150 per standard pallet size. The primary company my work uses (to my knowledge) is Estes Trucking, granted we might get a better rate. You could always check around your local area and see if there is a local trucking company with a terminal you can drop off to for items to be shipped (think UPS, but for semi's).

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