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TRENTON ANVIL seek information on age


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Anvil from Grandfather's blacksmith shop
1879-1938 seek information  I'm in Eldon Iowa 52554 where shop was.  I'm 87 in process of finishing replica of front of shop and inside area with equipment save from original shop demolished in 1940
I'm last male of family living here since 1848
when Great Grandfather settled from Virginia
Building as a memorial tribute to family
Hoping time allows completion   have Grandson (not Hughes name) who is going
to continue the effort


Glenn Hughes  Personal information removed per TOS 





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Welcome aboard Glenn, glad to have you. Putting your contact information in an open post on the forum isn't allowed, so don't be surprised when it's edited and you get a message as to why. The way we exchange contact information is through PMs (Private Messages) To access PM select a name or AVATAR, the photo of me and the moose is my AVATAR. Put the cursor on it and left click. A window will open with stuff about me and near the top is a button saying "Message" left click on it and follow the directions. 

Someone will be along with the book, "Anvils in America," and answer your questions, the info stamped is clear or reasonably so. I CAN tell you it's a "farrier's" pattern anvil, the small round shelf to the side of shelf is for pulling clips on horse shoes. The two pritchel holes is also involved with shoeing though I don't know what or why. She looks to be in good condition, used but well cared for, a beautiful old lady.

I want to say how much I salute your efforts to preserve your family history and it's place in American History. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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A great anvil indeed especially with the family history. Please do not do any grinding, milling or welding on it's hardened face. She is ready to continue working for more generations, just as is. The picture of the old blacksmith shop is just super. I love old pictures and we love pictures of just about anything that would pass a G rating.:)

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