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Castable Refractory Cement

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Cement is an adhesive and products sold as 3,000f castable refractory "Cement" are notorious for having short lifespans as a flame face.

Without knowing how you were constructing your melter I can't make suggestions without guessing. There are too many people on IFI, some with zero knowledge or experience so I take it as a duty to steer them away from dangerous mistakes when possible. 

Kastolite 30 has a working temp of 3,000f, is chemically resistant and is a decent insulator. The bubbles (evacuated spheres) melt out and go I don't know where the voids left allow the refractory to shift and vent moisture during rapid thermal cycling which makes the liner last longer.

There are other products that work very well, I have some GreenCast 97 that is a seriously high end 97% high alumina castable refractory but it's dense and heavy with about the same insulating properties as an equal thickness of limestone. (R1 = 12" of limestone)

Frosty The Lucky.


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