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Starting with Magnesium

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Hello all,

I'm looking for alloys that are lighter than Aluminum but still are easy for the average shop to cut, machine, Tig weld, and generally fabricate with. I see that AZ31B is readily accessible for purchase on the web but I've never used it. Is this alloy safe to touch, fabricate, Tig Weld, etc? Are there any precautions I should take? Is it a good alternative to Aluminum? This is for use in the robotics industry. 

[I always thought Magnesium was toxic to touch or sand and can burn explosively but maybe this is just misinformation I've been led to believe. I'm starting from square one with this material. ]

I also saw a company called Allite that has a material called AE70 but can't figure out where to buy it. Was wondering if anyone here has Tig welded with it. 

Also if there's anything I should know about working with magnesium that would be great. Don't want to poison myself or explode myself (again lol)


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I weld magesium with the same setup as I do for aluminum. It welds very nicely. Pure tungsten (green end).  One thing you will notice while welding is the green glow as opposed to the bright white of aluminum.  I welded up VW, and motorcycle parts that were broken.


The fire hazard is from fines from sawing or sanding.


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