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my third skoda

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Hello All;


I wasn't really looking for anvils, but for some reason, anvils tend to find me (odd enough).

Yesterday some guy contacts me via my buddy from the railways-maintenance company, and asks if I'm still interested in an anvil. So I said "sure". Can't imagine a blacksmith or bladesmith would answer something else. He says:" Well, we were cleaning this place; and we found a rusty old anvil, and we know you seem to like the previous one. So if you are interested, we'll set it aside; and tomorrow we'll discuss price and such."

Sooooo I grab some pocket change and 3 crates of 24 x 33cl belgian beer, and head off. Now I'm back home with less beer and more anvil, and they are a happy crew ;-)

Funny thing; both previous skoda's were excactly 154 kilo's; and had an upsetting block.

This one is 195,5 kilo's (431 pounds says the calculator), and no upsetting block, but longer and wider, same height. one-piece cast tool steel, hardened. about half a mm sway, and some minor edge-damage (the wire-brushing I did makes the edge damage look worse than it really is).

I'm nog sure what to do with the stand though .... it's solid enough, but I still kinda prefer tripods or tree-sections. 

Friendly greetings, thanks for watching. 

P.S. it's good to be back after a long absence.


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 21.34.20 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 21.34.20.jpeg

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Oh MY, that is one SWEET score!

I really feel for you, all those anvils being attracted to you like that. It's a terrible curse, I'll help ease the burden and keep one safe for you. Let me know I'll give you my shipping information. :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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