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4lbs Steeled Wrought iron modified Swedish hammer

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Started this hammer few years back (9/3-9/4/2018)..  I got it forged into a preform and then was not interested in the pattern..  So put it on the back burner until I had a design in mind and this was just last weekend while at the Hardwick Fair. 

Used 1.125" wrought iron Sq bars from the Longfellow bridge in Boston, MA  4 pieces and 2 pieces of 5160 for the peen and face. 

It's not perfect.. Because the hammer was supposed to be a different design the preform interfered with where I took it to.. 

It's ready for hardening now.. 












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That's a really nice shape for a swede, I made a pretty similar profile a short while back and really like it.  Of course mine was smaller and not made from steeled wrought :rolleyes:

Looking forward to seeing yours etched and finished.  I know I would have trouble with a hammer that large and such a small diameter peen, but you have much better hammer control than I do.

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Nice,  post up a photo if you don't mind..  Always enjoy seeing others work.. 

I lose steam if I have to swing a hammer to much.(to quickly). I find that there is an ideal weight for the material being worked and this dictates the hammer..  

Here are the finished photos, Oil hardened, radial tempered both face and peen. 

Muriatic acid since it was handy..  I imagine I could use something else to create better contrast, but in reality it won't be a show piece but a user.. 

I love seeing the burrs still left on the face

I came up on very thin peens and frankly can't see the use of a wide peen except for finish work. With this said, I'm not as accurate with depth control now but should be expected since I only forge a few times a year mainly at demo's.. 

Once the school is open that will change if it goes as planned.. :) 

I want to make 1 more soon.. Little larger than this one..   Just shy of 4lbs.. 







Just some fun..  

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Gave it a longer soak in the acid.   Looks better.. 

I have made the handle and got its first coat of linseed oil on it..   It's sorta a BLO mixture. Like 30 years old now.. 

All draw knife work.. The scraped with knife. 

Will get wedged and final stamping of weight and date tomorrow. 



















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Thanks Ted, Sadly that look doesn't last.. 

More of show and tell when new as it shows the wrought iron grain really nicely.. 

Eventually all that really can be seen are the steel face and peen..  Because the wrought iron is softer with each placement on the anvil the steel faces get polished but the wrought iron gets worn.. 

I'll snap a photo of my older hammer.. The side of the peen and side of the face are nicely polished. 

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I certainly plan to go to the Fitchburg Forge In! Will you be demonstrating there this year? I probably will not make it to the NEB meet since college classes will have started again.

That older hammer also looks excellent!

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