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Is this anvil worth buying??

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morning!!   found this anvil and vise near me,,    it is worth buying?? there are no close ups of the anvil top,,   it looks rough to me..  if it is worth buying ..it is worth 1k for both vise and anvil?? i need a post leg vise too,,   i have to dig it up ..lol!!









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I got my 151# soderfors, a post vice, a bench vise and a few other smaller items for $700 (and a 10 hour drive). Personally, I wouldn't pay $1000 for those. Better deals are out there. That being said I am cheap (or frugal, whichever you prefer...).

If the seller is willing to negotiate, the anvil passes the ring and rebound test and the screw box in the vice are in good shape then they will make for good tools. I don't know what prices are like down there in TX so I can't provide a "reasonable" number.

As a side note, did he use the hardy hole to mount the post vise? I cant tell if they are just staged that way for the picture or if that's how they were being used.. You could always remove the vise to gain access, but that seems like a lot of work.

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Here in eastern Oklahoma in just the last couple months I’ve bought a 225 pound Peter Wright for $500, I bought two post vises in perfect shape for $75 a piece, and quite a few other blacksmith tools at reasonable prices. 

I’m 6 hours north of you so I’m not exactly your in neighborhood but I’m kinda in the same region as you,  I’d be willing to bet you can definitely find way better deals than paying a grand for those 

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i can't pay 1000.00 just wanted to know if it was worth it or what it is worth... he knows nothing about it,, it was his father in laws..   it is not staged so i am guessing it mounted in the hardy hole.. the blacksmith that used it has moved on to greener pastures so no way to get any info,,,  



  they seem to run high around here... and not many around . if i could drive to Oklahoma  or arkansas ..they are so   much cheaper there.. lol!!   i used to go up there all the time for horse and chicken shows but i can't  make that drive anymore,,  

TWISTEDWILLOW.. you might have to do mercy run to texas.. lol!!! 


i am going to see it tuesday.. it is the first anvil i have found near me so i can make the drive,  bad knee prevents long trips,,    will have an update then 



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I'd pass on it for $250. The vise looks like it might be good but you'd have to cut the anvil loose from the pipe it's WELDED TO.:o 

Mounting an anvil that way and leaving it outdoors tells me the owner didn't much care and probably used it for most anything involving a hammer. Maybe as bad as breaking rocks for an extreme example. Folks who don't blacksmith use them for the stupidest things. I had a guy stop by at a demo wanting some flint steels and to show me what kind of spark he wanted put a piece of flint on my ANVIL and grabbed my rounding hammer to make a fresh break!

Sorry, it was a moment of outrage at the time and stuck in my memory. You'll read a lot of outrage on IFI when we see pics of abused anvils, torch cuts are like a spark in a powder keg. 

The half aluminum anvils are typically farrier's anvils to make them more easily portable. Good for light work from what I've heard from farriers.

I'll bet if you were to spread word here someone driving from Ok to or near your adorable little state might be willing to haul an anvil and vise for help with gas money and maybe a beer. Arrangements would be negotiable of course. Just saying.

Frosty The Lucky.

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There are a number of sources out there a few are:

Pieh Tools

Blacksmith Depot

Centaur Forge

And of course the cheaper Vevor cast steel anvils that can be found all over the net; but have received decent reviews.

There are top quality anvils out there too but they won't be cheap, (Holland, Nimba, etc)

There is a thread on IFI about new anvil makers.

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13 minutes ago, sidesaddle queen said:

where do i buy a new anvil??

We have a list of makers currently producing anvils elsewhere on the forum. Some of these sell directly to the customer; others are available through other dealers. You can do a web search on any of those names to find a supplier.

Just now, sidesaddle queen said:

2 pritchel holes.. i like that.. what brand has that

A number of makers do that, so that's a bit too vague to answer properly. Can you give us a photo?

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You can also drill a second pritchel hole if you have access to proper metal drilling equipment.  The anvil I had with two pritchel holes was a 198# Swell Horned Hay Buden Farrier's model.

14 miles; sigh, I have to drive 100 just to get to my endocrinologist!  Ask if they have a scratch and dent sale!

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there is a tfs about 3 hrs away.. ..  sadly. i am kinda a prisoner because of a bad knee..    only fix is replacement  and that would limit some of my horse training methods,     most of my friends are still working at real jobs ,, lol!! so no chauffeurs available 

i have just started  looking for my own anvil, using a farrier friend's right now,   he thought he was done, lol!  but it starting to miss working metal,,  so i decided i need to find one of my own ..


i will look at the online suppliers  thanks,,

i used to drive to all over the place but no more.. it is frustrating as hell but you have to live with what your betraying body leaves you .

good idea!! a scratch and dent on anvils,,,  too funny!!


i have access to someone that could drill a second hole,,  i think.. lol!!

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i have access to someone that could drill a second hole,,  i think.. lol!!  i will get a photo of my borrowed anvil today..  is it not huge but it works well for me,, the log is too tall  for me and moves some, i was going to cut it off and then decided to find my own and set it up just for me,,,  i am decidedly shorter than the average bear lol!!

what is the tail gate  section??  that sounds like a great idea!!!

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You are not alone in having health/body issues in this crowd! 

I'm still recovering from injuries suffered during an insulin crash during a trip to Seattle to pick up a grandson.  Unfortunatly there are no "fixes" for insulin dependent diabetes, just ways of trying to handle it.

Frosty played Irish Stand Down with a tree.

More than a couple of smiths have had joint repair/replacement/issues.

If something starts impacting you and your forging; give the forum a yell; might be some suggestions from the folks that have the "been there done that" shirt---(Glenn even sells them!)

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lol!! yes i realized that this group would understand ..  i can still ride and gallop horses with my knee,, just not drive,, so i will kept it a while longer,,  my knee is why i am going to experiment with seated forging,,   lol!!  


i will go the the tailgate now!!

okay, i will post in tail gating ..  that might be the best way to go..   but in the mean time i will figure out what  really need.. lol!!!

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i decided to listen to y'all and didn't even go look at it.. the post vise was in good working condition and was bolted on but he would not sell them separate  ...  


these photos are of the anvil i am using now,,  i like it...  it is small but so is my work,, 





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