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Stuffed frog museum

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My daughter recently returned from a trip to Croatia. While there, she went to a Stuffed Frog Museum (that's my daughter!).

Evidently, some guy spent half his life stuffing frogs and creating little scenes where these frogs replaced people. She showed me the pictures and it's hilarious. School rooms full of these frogs.

Anyway, one of the scenes was a smithy. She knew I'd get a kick out of it. 



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Interesting forge--tweaked for wagon tyre use too.  Nice stepped anvil base, postvise,...You get the feeling it was based on an actual smithy as the details seem to be location specific, (shape of bellows boards, stepped anvil base, postvise details, etc.)  Do you know if all the metal parts were made from metal or were just painted wood?

Of course I did wonder if the consumption of frog skin hallucinogens was involved...  

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Reminds me of a seafood restaurant in Morgan City, LA. Along the back wall they had very similar stuffed frog dioramas in display cases. I believe the restaurant closed down a few years ago… I have been down there for at least five years now.


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Those are pretty wild Ted. Thanks for sharing. 

I was thinking some of what Thomas was thinking with the style of the forge and anvil. 

The forge almost looks like part of an old coffee grinder the more I look at it. 

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12 hours ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

after all the croaking during the monthly meeting they can soak in the slack pond

I think that if there's any croaking, what follows would be arguing over who gets the deceased's anvil!

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