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New Meddings Pacera drill press

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Its a fantastic old articulating head drill press. The head pivots in two places, the table spins in two ways as well. You can drill to the center of pretty much anything as long as it’s not larger than 4’ in width /diameter. Everything pivots on ball bearings where the body is brass with steel balls so it’s super smooth. 

Speed range with the gears and pulleys is  80-4000 rpms. The head has a 5 size step pulley than an oil filled gear box. The vfd will allow more speed control if I need it. Meaning I can get near perfect speeds when drilling. 

Due to it being three phase I will run it off a vfd acting as a phase converter  this will also allow me to reverse it as the original reversing switch was gone  I have a mt2 tapping head which will fit this drill and allow me to power tap holes as well  

There’s t slots all over the table  and a few on the side of the table  and in the base  meaning lots of room for fixtures and clamping  

coolant was an option originally and will be added to this drill eventually. 

there’s a “jack” / “leg” under the table to support it for higher accuracy when drilling heavy objects  

Can’t wait to get it into use. Should be a big improvement to my other drill. Which worked fine. But it’s a small bench top drill press that’s got a 1/4 hp motor and goes down to 600 rpms at the minimum. Which is too fast for large bits. 

It’s missing a handle but that’s an easy replacement. The original reversing switch is an easy fix as well As it uses a barrel style power control switch. For off, forward and reverse. But since I have the vfd for direction Changing I’ll wait to put another switch in like the original. 

Sorry for the rant haha  

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