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I Forge Iron

M.J.Lampert's 2021 mountain outing

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  • 5 weeks later...

a few pics to keep you anticipating

loaded and trip up




a young black bear outside the owners place where we stopped before leaving at 4am to drive up arrived at flat plane base 10:15




need to wait for my father to get back from logging camp before i can continue(weekend maybe) as stupid me put the cameras in my backpack for the flight in and had to use his phone 



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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so now i have all the photos 

flight up in a De-Haviland  Beaver




ok so hears a good a place as any to start as these where the express rout to camp 1.5 hours of bouncing through bog and brush


 actually the first thing i saw was this kawdy lake international shack, Argo storage and partial wind break for those waiting for the planes




P.S. more pictures in later comments

heres a picture of a map i am 1.5hours east of burns lake at the bottom corner we where in an area south and west of Atlin, about 45min by plane from dease lake


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