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I Forge Iron Donation Drive Update


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Thanks to you, the forge is hot.

In March we opened our first donation drive in years. Since then, members have asked if they can contribute to the site now. Yes, you can!

Donate Here

When you donate, we'll enable the gloriously green forum badge that tags you as a supporter. If you've donated and haven't tagged as a donor, please message Glenn with your email address and we'll turn it on.

March's original donation drive allowed us to purchase server hardware and licensing that cut our monthly bill in half! We renewed IForgeIron.com until 2030. Then June we launched the major update to the forum. Since IForgeIron is a very big forum, updates like those are big ordeals. Your donations covered the coffee on those stressful all nighters.

IForgeIron's email server was also revamped. We send out a lot of emails. We threw the kitchen sink at the server to ensure emails went through to AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo perfectly.

Here are a few things on the site we'll use your new donations for:

  • Renewal: Anti-spam services
  • Renewal: Domain Names
  • Hardware: Extra hard drives for extra backups.
  • Server: Monthly Bills. Though they're lower, they still exist.


Your donations go directly into keeping the lights on. Any amount helps.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



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