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Hydraulic power pack


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I’m in the process of collecting ring the parts I need to build a hydraulic press and managed to pick up a couple of hydraulic power packs in great condition for next to nothing.

the one I’m planning to use is a 4HP 3 stage fluitronics unit which has hydac solenoid control valves fitted.

Hydraulics really isn’t my strong suit and I’m learning as I go.

I’ve attached a few pictures but have some questions I was hoping somebody with a little more knowledge could answer.


- I was told the pump is rated for 250bar and 19 litres per minute, is there a way to confirm this and will it be enough. I’m looking for enough ram speed driving a 4” ram with a 2” shaft.

- Do I need to control the press using the solenoids or can I bypass and use a regular hydraulic control valve? 
- I know what connector the solenoids use, is there a simple standard controller I can plug in?

- Anything else I should know before I start planning this project in detail?








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Slight update. It’s 4kw not 4hp


Also I’ve worked out I just need a fairly simple switch to control the solenoids.

The issue I have is that I will need a 240V VFD to power the motor but the solenoids require 24v DC so I’m going to need a way to power both 

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You may be able to change the coils on the solenoids. 120VAC is not uncommon, not sure about 240VAC. Make a couple calls to an industrial supply house, you never know what the may have that will fit the build. Just don’t run the power to the solenoids from the VFD, funny things can happen…


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