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I Forge Iron

Building a new smithy and workshop in Uk

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Our facilities building has copper air lines running all over the place. Best way to go for permanent air lines IMHO. 

What size air compressor do you have Roger? Do you have any equipment running on it, or is it just utility air?

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I don’t yet possess the compressor.  i’ll be getting it once the building is done. i suppose I’ll get a simple range of die grinders and angle grinders and stuff.  I might push the boat out if there ‘s any money left and get a plasma cutter. Or not… 

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Good looking building.

The best thing I have found to use air for are the tools and processes you can’t do with anything else. I plumbed my compressors in but with the advent of rechargeable drills and impact wrenches they are now only used for the plasma cutter, paint spray and blow gun, tyre inflator, needle descaler (useful for texturing ground and sanded out welds) and the shot blast cabinet. I still use them for die grinders and an angle grinder/drum sander having invested in them, but the advantage brushless motor rechargeables give of freedom from the ‘umbelical’ airline or power cable means I would not be buying any rotary motion air tools now. I can thoroughly recommend the Hydrovane type compressors if you are going to be doing any heavy duty/prolonged work and will be in close proximity to it.


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No walls yet but had a pal come round and make a plinth for my swage block with the offcuts of the building oak.  Payment was a beer and a pie at the pub. ;- ) 


I’ll forge some right angles to hold the corners presently.

It has a slot in it so I can stand the block on its side. 

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