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What do you listen to while working

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How do you know when deadheads have been at your house? They are still there.

How do you stop a hundred deadheads from charging on horseback? Turn off the merry go round.

and lastly

What is a deadheads favorite car? A blazer. 



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What a funny thought this post triggered when I thought about my honest answer to the question…”what do you listen to in the forge?”

Except in a very few circumstances, I do not block out ambient noise with music or the like.  I feel vulnerable then.  I want to know what is happening around me, especially imminent trouble, and sound is a huge clue. 

I don’t keep a phone in my forge either. I make those troubles wait.  It’s the troubles close at hand that concern me.   Sometimes I have a radio (aka walky-talky…at the risk of sounding like an old person) so the wife can reach me and doesn’t become overly annoyed by yelling out of the house window.  When the radio battery is dead or I forgot to bring it, I am always mindful of that certain high pitched screechy sound amid the cacophony of forge jangle.

Now what’s funny is my wife keeps a bunch of chickens.  There has been several times that I dashed out of shop with tongs and hot steel in hand because of a certain similar pitch emitted from a chicken instead of my wife.

One exception to not listening to music while working is when I am raking hay.  I love raking hay.  I can feel the tractor through my xxxx and know by that if there is trouble, and hay rakes are relatively trouble free, and nobody expects to be heard while I am on a tractor.  Then I listen to music. 

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I listen to a mix of podcasts and music, when i blast tunes its usually either rock like Dropkick Murphys or The Street dogs, or cowboy/country like Coulter Wall, Corb Lund, Turnpike Troubadors, or lost dog street band, or trad irish music like The Dubliners or the Clancy Brothers. Or some random stuff like Furr, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or whatever whim I fancy that day,

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