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Jumping Jack SlipJoint

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During  my education as a traditional German cutler and blade smith I had to do slip joints.....and I didn't like them at all.

There are a lot of do's and don'ts on slipjoints ...from limited using range to the fact that they are very hard to clean....

Also the very small design range when making them....compared to a linerlock they must loose in every aspect.

(actually it would be more appropriate to compare linerlocks with backlock knives, but I compared them just under the term of folding knives.)....

....and yes, not to forget: we are not supposed to let them snap back into the handle....a good crisp, long lasting spring has a strong snap

and the edge will thereby hit the spring and get a nick.....reason for the monstrous kick heels on some traditional pocket knife patterns

....as You for shure know....nevertheless the heels, it can smack the edge.....so do not let the blade snap into the handle.

But that's the half part of the fun...

...and this is the reason I love them nowadays....the are great fun to make....somehow they are like a toy to me....

maybe they are the most useful toy that exists.

They walk and talk with a strong whack when they are opened and a good snap when they are closed....There are plenty of challenging things on the making of a slip joint, like for example, to design them that You can let the blade snap back into the handle...

 If the linguistic and rethoric context is slightly adjusted in a translation of the term "slipjoint knives", in three languages of English. German and Thai,

it can result in "Jumping joint jack knife" ....so it is the "Jumping Jack" 

Here is a traditional one in O7 steel for blade and spring, some crap steel for the bolsters , German silver liners and fossile bone handle slabs.


here You can hear it talking and see it walking


Stay healthy













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