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Fixing a broken old leg vise


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Hi, i have a rusty old leg vise that has been outside for decades. I want to fix it. I found it difficult to describe all the parts and which ones were loose, so i filmed it instead.
YouTube - A broken old leg vise

I haven't used these kind of vises before so i am not familiar with the mechanics of it.

How should the parts move/not move? Any ideas where to start in order to fix it without ruining it?

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heres a link Blacksmith Vises : Solid Box, Post or Leg Vise (Vice)
looks like you need a spring . also the back part has guide on the botton that fits in a slot cut in the rear jaw ...un screw the screw and rotate the nut to line the tab up with the slot the screw the screw back in.
you can use a piece of auto leaf spring to make a new one for your vise ...see the picture in the link above

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Thanks jimbob for the information.
So it is the spring that is missing. (see attached picture)
i'll make a new spring for the vice from some spring steel. I wonder how tight it should be. How much force is needed to close such a vice? If it is the same spring as in the picture it can be fairly difficult to get it in there since there are these plates in that area. And they are bolted there, the round knobs are on both sides.
would it be possible to have a spring-shaped spring around the bar between the jaws?

How is it you go from two black shows to a one black and one white shoe in the video? Yes, we do notice these things. (grin)

I have weather sensitive slippers that react to moisture and turn white when the grass is wet. No, the white slippers belong to my brother in law who I "forced" to come filming, i needed both my hands in order to move the parts around.



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Hi, it is now fixed. There was a spring o it, but the parts were so rusty and stuck together that the spring didn't have the power to push back the jaw. But with some sandpaper and some oil, plus that i loosened the tight bolt a bot, it works like a charm now.
Thank you guys for all the help and feedback.

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