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Propane supply


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I'm putting together a 20lb propane tank forge with two 1/2" Frosty T burners...  I'm trying to sort out the plumbing to the burners and picked up a couple 2' long 1/2" stainless steel gas heater/dryer connector hoses to hook directly to the burners - at the other end they'll each go to a ball valve, then a Tee, then to my 3/8" propane supply hose, regulator, and 20lb supply tank.

Looking at the parts, I'm now wondering if there is an issue going from a 3/8 supply hose up to two 1/2" hoses before the burner - I feel like gas lines usually go from larger to smaller diameters... But I figured the regulator would keep it all at the set pressure regardless and the burners wouldn't notice any different.  Did I figure wrong?



propane connector.jpg

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Good Morning,

We have a meeting tomorrow Sunday morning, 11:00am. Luxton Fairgrounds, 1040 Marwood Ave. Victoria. Bring what you have. we can help you. The Blacksmith Shop will open about 9:00am. Bring a chair and a bowl for coffee. Meeting will be outside the Shop.

Vancouver Island Blacksmiths Association (VIBA)


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Thanks Frosty for clarifying - those hoses were actually cheaper than any regular hose I was able to find and I didn't want to go with copper because the forge will get moved and likely bumped a lot. I do like that they are steel and not rubber/plastic next to the burner too. 

Thanks Neil - I flaked out and forgot about the meeting tomorrow! See you there :)

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