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I Forge Iron

Forging on my 17 pound anvil

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I bought this 7 kg Austrian style anvil from Old World Anvils to do some copper work (mostly for the cool factor) and I though I would actually forge on it today. 

I lit the forge and strapped it down97BEC569-6321-4E97-AAB7-5E86F59D9CAD.jpeg.ac04b76fc6bc5c66f1ba1d5e5ede3f37.jpeg


I then used a 60d nail to make 2 hooks and some 1/4” spring steel to make a little S hook




I mostly used a 2 pound ball peen hammer and was swinging really hard at times. 

love this little anvil, it is definitely not a toy. Super fun couple hours.

thanks for looking


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Nice; not too far off an early medieval period anvil in weight; my Y1K anvil is 25# and would have been considered a "NICE" one in viking times.  Of course working real wrought iron at welding heat really helps when using smaller anvils.

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It certainly feels hardened and is fairly lively under hammer, the rebound (while sitting on my coffee table) was about 75 - 80%.

I had only one glancing miss and it left the smallest of dings. It doesnt feel anywhere near my kanca in hardness and bounce but that could be mass and my inexperience. The first two pictures were before and the rest after two hours or so. 

I think it held up well considering I treated it like I would my 165 pounder. 

I love the shape and would love to try a big one someday. 


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