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Can this apron be saved.

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I had a friend who was Special Forces in Nam and was still in the SF reserve in the late 1970's when we worked together. He showed me a picture of a group of them at the 2 weeks camp during the summer and one of them was a Scots Irish gentleman who had converted to Sikhism---so at the SF reserve camp he had a flaming red beard and a camo turban.

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On 7/19/2021 at 11:29 AM, ThomasPowers said:

I believe that coal tar was an active ingredient in some hair dyes.  Hopefully that's been changed out like the lead acetate used in some progressive dyes has been. 

It's still an active ingredient in many OTC psoriasis treatments. I use it on occasion. 



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I’ve decided what I need to do. Make a pattern on the good side where it begins to bend around my leg. Use the pattern to cut a piece to match from a piece of leather I have and stitch it on. Will end up looking like something Leatherface might wear, but should be functional. Then add leg straps. Probably move the waist and shoulder strap connection points up a bit so they are angled up at the corners there. 

As for sweat, still working on that. Maybe something like John? and Tai Goo wear on their heads. 

Almost forgot, to get the leg slit positioned right, I used a plumb bob while wearing it. EZPZ. 

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This is how I tie mine, although this guy is a bit more fussy about making everything nice and neat. 

Note that the extra thickness of the rolled edge isn’t great when you’re wearing a face shield or welding mask. When I’m welding or grinding, therefore, I’ll just wrap it around my head and tie it in the back without rolling the edge or tucking the ends. 

(And yes, it’s John.)

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