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Testing hammer accuracy

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Provided you don't have an ignition source close a spritz of starter fluid clears the crawlies in drawers and cabinets. A squirt of WD40 will do in a wasp nest faster than they can crawl out. It doesn't seem to take but a whiff of ether to die. WD or other oils give them a direct lung hit through the breathing spicules that line their legs.

A few drops of oil on standing water will kill any mosquito that lands to lay eggs. Garlic oil works very well with no negative effects, if you're not a bug that is. A barely visible rainbow sheen is plenty, an oil slick is a bad thing.

Frosty The Lucky.


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6 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Now can we genetically modify Komodo Dragons with Gila Monsters to get a large venomous lizard?

Komodo Dragons are already venomous. It's a slow acting venom, however, and it combines with the massive bacterial load in their saliva to kill their prey through a combination of envenomation and toxic shock.

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I was on a drug derived from Gila Monster saliva when I was first mis-diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic.  They had noticed that one of the effects of their venom was a massive decrease in blood sugar and someone was bright enough to say "Hey we know folks where that would be a *positive* thing!"  (We called in Lizard Spit...)   All too soon I wasn't making any insulin as I was actually had "adult onset juvenile diabetes" and had to go on gmo human insulin and cut out the other medications.

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15 hours ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

I was just talking to Thomas earlier this week about a bluff near by me that’s made up entirely of crinoid fossils 

  What topic was that?  I missed it.  I searched but only got a few hits.  I did find Fossil Forum tho.

  Edit:  Nevermind. I found it.  If it was a snake it would have bit me....  :)

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 To learn hand eye coordination before I teach a beginner class I recommend that students (at home) drive nails with a 16oz claw hammer.  Start off driving the nails straight down, then angle the head from away from you then drive it.  This will represent hamming a taper on a bar.  

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Mr. B. bones,

Chlorine bleach works really well.

You can get rid of the smell by using photographers hypo,  (a.k.a. sodium thiosulphate). It works almost instantaneously.

And it's not very expensive.

I used to buy it at photography shops but I was forced to buy the last batch on the net.

Regards to all,


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It is amazing how far off topic we can get. I like it! To draw it back a little closer to the original discussion, the part about hand/eye coordination and how some people seemed to grasp spatial relationships and how to manage them (with tools) sounded a resonant chord in me. When I was diving, I found that was usually the difference between a good diver and just another wet body on the time ticket. Ninety percent (or more) of the work I did in my early "mudhole" days was done in zero visibility. I had an accident involving O2 toxicity (that's where I got the "Purple Bullet" nickname ) and couldn't dive deep water until I passed an O2 tolerance test (which I did a few years later - again, another story.) After doing this a while, I could get down to a site, run my gloved hands over everything there, and thereafter I "saw" everything in my mind's eye. I did a lot of hammering on hammer wrenches. Sometimes I had to even use both hands on an 18# maul. The wrench was tied to my harness with a rope so if it fell off the nut I'd know to not swing again until I replaced it. 

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