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Show me your hand forged feather


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NICE feather! All she lacks is some vigorous wire brushing and perhaps a little brash brushing for highlights to set off the texture. 

Good job, well done. Now do it another dozen times and see how you progress. You're off to a good start, it won't be long and you'll be giving lessons.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Ok after you forge the taper leave some extra paternal and smash it like you would a leaf then( if you have a rounding hammer ) use the round end to smash it out on both sides.

Sorry there was only supposed to be 3 videos 

My anvil was hot these are videos for my YouTube channel that wormy worthy

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  • Glenn changed the title to Show me your hand forged feather

I thought just to make ya happy I would make my first feather. Today was a nice cool day with intermittent rain showers and I haven't lit the forge in a long time.

Started with building the coal fire, till the shop was shut down and locked up took an hour & 20 minutes. The feather is made out of 3/8 inch angle iron. The most time consuming was chiseling in the veining, which I admit could be better. The tip of the feather, I was experimenting with a texturing hammer I made a long time ago. All the hammering was done with my 2lb cross peen hammer.





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There’s a semi truck shop just 10-15 minutes up the road from me that lets me grab the old brake drums, I’ve just used them to make bases for stuff since they weigh over a 100 pounds so they work perfect for stands. But I never thought about asking for rims. That’s a good idea!

Here’s one of my brake drum bases I made for a bench vise it has a 7” pipe welded to a plate and the. Bolted the the drum. I’m getting ready to build another one for a big 10” Dayton grinder I found. D6C60658-8B8B-45E1-A657-CB2DED84C5AA.thumb.jpeg.36dcabafaee59eefeeb098653656444f.jpeg

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Next time I’m up there I’ll see if I can pick up a couple rims to play with, after seeing your forge I think after I get done building and experimenting with a few different pancake compressor forges I’m gonna try and build a couple like yours out of a semi rim. 

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