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Anvil ID Help Please

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Hi All


Newbie here to the forum and forging, rookie knife builder (grinding) collecting the pieces to start forging, been a lurker for a while.  Looking for some help with ID'ing what I bought here:

-bought site unseen from a auction in Northern Alberta, Canada, I live in Calgary. 

-weighs in at 102lbs.

-no other makers marks that I can see

-seem's to have ok rebound (hammer) I have no ball bearing to test. Hammer strike sounds more thud than bing:(

-Thanks very much for the help









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Yup. Looks just like my Vulcan and in good shape. 

A very serviceable anvil but keep in mind that it is has a cast iron body with a thin tool steel face so dont put a 10 pound hammer to her. With a little care it will look like that in another 100 years. 

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Yep, looks like an early Vulcan to me too. Look for remnants of their logo on the side II&B Co (Illinois Iron & Bolt Co.) usually on the side with the horn to the right. Looks like the date under the heel 1884??? Vulcan anvils were/are very quiet as opposed to the ear splitting ring of some and were advertised as such. Sold to a lot of city shops and schools etc. A lot of folks scoff at the Vulcan's but I love my 110 pounder which I've used for 30+ years. Just be aware any grinding, milling or welding on the thin hardened steel face will ruin it.

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