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Kitchen knife with sumac handle

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Leaving gift for my boss. Aside from heating it up to flatten out this was pure stock removal, starting on a cheap belt sander and bevelling on a hand sanding jig. I based the shape on one of my bought kitchen knifes - I'm pleased enough with this one that I'll stick with the design for a few more and play around with the handle design. 

Steel from an old coal shovel - it hardened well. I didn't intend to go that thin but I kept trying to grind out the marks and got carried away before realising they were inclusions. The bevel on the right hand side isn't quite even - a slight dip in the metal about half way along, it got to the point where any more trying to fix it would have made it worse. 

Quenched it in warm veg oil, tempered with a torch. 

The sumac wood is very porous, I had to give it a few good soaks of shellac before it would sand well. 

I'm wondering whether to go over the steel again with a little wire wool. 







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