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Burning Bar for cutting heavy plate

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Aloha, Y'all!

So here's the situation. I'm working at the University of Hawaii with the AHI Sensor Project right now. This is basically the process of setting up a honking big laser and all the support equipment that makes it work. So these lasers that we're setting up, they generate a lot of radiation when they're operating. So we have radiation shielding -- 18" of steel and 6' of concrete. The point? We have several tons of leftover 9" plate from the radiation shielding part of the project that's going to get scrapped out soon. I want some. I need to cut it up into pieces that I can pallet-jack around. The pieces that are left are mostly 18" or less wide, by several yards long, by of course 9" thick. I have a 25-liter liquefied gas dewar rigged for pressure use, and I want to make some burning bars, fill the dewar with liquid oxygen, and go to town cutting these things up into manageable pieces. So the question is, does anyone here have experience with using burning bars, or have any suggestions on how to do this in some easier way? I've thought about track torches, saw cutting, and other stuff -- but the burning bar looks to be the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get the job done.

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