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My chimney/hood/stack setup

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Ah, a little rain doesn't scare sparkies off, ask Steve. I hear they hose themselves down good before starting a job.

Remember to take a pic of the inside of your shop with the lights on or we won't believe you have power. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I am amused that you think I would care if you believed me or not......I'd prefer to get some shop shots when the LEDs are installed and everything is rearranged and back in place; sometimes I think that the 10th of Never will be a stretch goal for that!

False Alarm; my wife didn't go out in the rain to actually see what the side of the truck said---it was the underground detection and marking folks who came out to remark where the underground wires and pipes are at.  So perhaps a necessary precursor.  It's dry today lets see if anything happens!

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Keeps me from screaming as much.   What is that old saying? "Ammo shared is firepower increased!"  Not not that one---the one about pain...

If I kept harping on it to my wife I expect that the estate sale for the shop would happen before I got to turn on a light.  Though yesterday I got a check from my insulin pump company saying I had overpaid the exact same amount that I owed for the gross receipts tax I still owe to my electrician...that made my wife smile!

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