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What type of hydraulic fluid do you guys use in your presses?


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I bought a big hydraulic powerpack/press a while back and the fluid is getting kinda nasty and old in it. What do you guys use in your hydraulic presses? Does the weight of the fluid make any difference? 

My power pack was made sometime in the 70s and the manufacturer has long been out of business. I do know it's a single stage pump that will be producing about 30gpm from an old pump repair manual though. 


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The pump repair manual doesn't say?

The modern synthetic hyd fluids don't cause the problems using the wrong type used to. Call a hydraulics repair shop and ask, have the name of the unit handy if they ask. 

Petroleum hydraulic fluids could cause problems in the wrong application, some were for high volume where others were for high pressure or high temperature applications. The new synthetics aren't so sensitive.

Ask the pros.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Surprisingly no, the repair manual doesn't say what type of oil is best. The only mention of oil is more of a sales pitch "...reduced wear and noise due to cavitation. Thus allowing heavier viscosity fluids to be used". You bring up some interesting points I'll have to read up on. I'll give a local shop a call tomorrow and see if they can recommend me a type to use.

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