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Foundry burner trouble

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Building a foundry for some backyard casting, bought a burner from Etsy, built the casing myself(kaowool-refractory cement), had a 20psi regulator thought that was my issue, now I have a 60psi regulator, seem to be having the same issue though.

It just spits up giant flames instead of the fire coming to a torch.

I took a video, but brand new to this site, will try to upload some pictures as well.

Thank you to all!

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The first thing I notice in your video is that the burner seems to be pointed directly at the crucible; it is supposed to be pointed at the space between  the crucible and the refractory wall.

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Posting pictures is usually better. They take up less bandwidth and most members can see them, when video's will not load or play. BTW: Welcome aboard, if you put your general location in your profile, you may be surprised how many members are within visiting distance and a lot of answers require knowing where in the world you are located.

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What does the seller say about tuning it?

I'm not a burner expert in any way, shape or form, but I do notice that your burner does not match the published design (see link). That does not mean that it won't work (great, poorly, or somewhere in the middle), but the published design is a place for you to start diagnosing what the difference(s) is(are) and perhaps what tuning or changes that you need to make. That said, just because it looks like a Frosty T burner, doesn't mean it IS a Frosty T burner. Lots of people have bought look alikes, and some are so far from the design and poorly functioning that they're not worth trying to fix. Hopefully you got one that will work. 

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Welcome aboard Teddy, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you'll have a better chance of hooking up with a member living within visiting distance for some hands on.

Did you look at that video before you posted it? What do you think anybody can tell from a shaky bunch of random shots of gravel the outside of a melter, your feet, the regulator with annoyingly LOUD audio? I got a very brief glimpse at a T burner.

Make them give you your money back. Or you can post a couple still pics we so can see what's happening. Take one pic straight through the air intakes of the burner so we can see where the jet is positioned. And one pic preferably in dim light of the flame in the melter. 

Things that don't matter are: The pressure your regulator is set. The outside of the melter, if we need to see how the burner is mounted we'll ask. Mike has a good point though my ear says it isn't coming into effect right now. Unless your burner is aimed UNDER the plinth it could well be aimed at the crucible which will kill induction. Won't burn properly.

No more videos. Still pics and the guy who developed that type ejector burner might be talked into helping you trouble shoot the system. By system, the burner is only one part of a machine that needs to be built correctly with balanced components and operated in the right conditions. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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