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Ribbon burner with 'computer fan'


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This is the ribbon burner I found on the back of a shelf when cleaning up (mentioned in another post). It must have sat there for 10 years.

I have this very nice blower that I got at the transfer station for $5. It puts out *way* too much air, even almost completely closed off. Instead I tried a square fan. This fan isn't actually from a computer; 3" sq. 115VAC, 15W, it pushes more air than most computer fans.

The propane regulator says it's at 1 psi, but that's the first mark on the gauge. I adjusted the needle valve to limit the propane flow; the fan is unobstructed, if you don't count my crude coupler.

I think this is the first time I've even seen a ribbon burner working. Some feedback will help a lot. The flames are a lot lazier than in a Reil burner, which is what I usually use. The holes are 5/16" through the firebrick, with the last 1/2" drilled out to 1/2" diameter.

The noisiest part of the setup is the regulator at the propane tank, just a bit of hissing.





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Who's plans did you follow and what do they say? 

When you compare your flames to the flames on properly functioning multiple orifice (ribbon is one shape) burners, what do YOU think?

Since you asked I'll offer my opinion and observations.

It isn't working at all, the fan is so inadequate it might as well not be there. 

I don't understand why you'd drill holes like that. What is your reasoning? I'm willing to try new things if there's good thought behind them.

Why not connect your Reil inducer to your ribbon burner? It might not put out enough flow to run 24 nozzles but it could NOT do worse. 

One last thing. Do NOT burn that thing indoors! It IS generating huge amounts of CO (Carbon Monoxide) an odorless, colorless gas that is insidious and can be lethal. 

Be safe we don't want to read your obituary.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm pretty  sure the burner was inspired by John Emmerling's article in Hammer's Blow (2006). His burner uses 26 crayon holes, pretty similar to my 24 at 5/16".

Attached is the best I could do with the larger blower, gate valve not open very far. I do have some light blue core to the flame, not very even across the holes.

The idea behind the holes having a larger bit at the end came from induced burners, where the step diameter change at the end of the tube helps keep the flame from climbing back up the tube.

My thought is that there are too many holes, or they have too large a diameter for the blower and gas flow.

Thanks for the mention of CO, I am definitely aware of the dangers.


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