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I Forge Iron

Howdy from L.A.

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Hi all,


I’m new to blacksmithing and have already learned a ton here via lurking and searching. 

I actually already work with a hammer and anvil daily. I make gold and silver bullion bars 

Recently picked up the appropriate anvil for steel, a Holland 190, along with some other stuff

I look forward to chatting with everyone 


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Dear Satori,

Please tell us more about making bullion bars with a hammer and anvil.  I only know bullion bars as either cast objects or made in a press of some sort like a coin.

Welcome aboard.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Good Morning Satori,

Welcome from the left Coast, surrounded by H2O. No way to leave our mini-continent, to get to your Island, except by bribing a Ferry worker. At this time, there is very little travel going on.

CanIRON is the Canadian Blacksmith Conference, check www.caniron.ca for information. CanIRON VE is June 4-5-6 (less than 2 weeks). It is a virtual CanIRON Conference. Yes, you get to stay home. They are using hopin.com for the Conference. Yes you can ask questions of the different Demonstrators during each Demonstration, live.

Thanks, Neil

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Thanks for the welcome all!


theres a market for “art” bullion that I serve. I cast rough ingots and then shape my bars with forge, hammer an anvil. Not many folks do it the way I do so I found a nice audience of collectors. 

I learned how to use those tools repairing and making parts for single action pistols and lever guns with my grandfather and dad


781-C67-A9-9-ECA-4-F15-A462-52-A903383-B 41424-DFA-A056-42-A4-BA47-F4-F2-EF385-B2 0-D97-B61-E-26-E8-4306-8-D6-C-0-CA020818

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, swedefiddle said:

CanIRON VE is June 4-5-6 (less than 2 weeks). It is a virtual CanIRON Conference.

Neil, that virtual conference sounds like a good time. I’m gonna try to make it! Thank you 

9 minutes ago, JHCC said:

That is a very cool aesthetic to those pieces. I look forward to seeing your work in iron and steel.

Thanks for the kind words! 

I look forward to being a newbie full of questions and enjoying failures with iron and steel. 

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