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Baby prentiss

Justin Topp

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Boy do I have a treat today! I got this very nice and very smooth operating prentiss (jewelers?) vise today. It is a swivel jaw, swivel base both of which operate smoothly. The jaws are 1.75” wide. Beautiful little vise 






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Yup! It’s tiny but fully functional! 

this is one of the smallest. If not the smallest side they made I believe. I paid 100$ but I have had an offer of 300$ by a collector and there are several that sold for more than that on eBay. So not too bad I think.


I like it. It’s adorable 

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That’s what I’m thinking. I’ll either trade it for a larger one. Or sell it and buy a larger one. It’s cool but I’m not making watches or jewelry so I don’t really need it. 

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If we were any closer, I'd offer to trade it for the near-mint Starrett 924 I just picked up last weekend. Maybe if we both go to Quad-State....

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Wire wheeled it and gun blued the body. Now to build a little stand. I’m thinking a mini railroad style vise stand. In my cleaning I discovered the swivel base plunger says pat feby 6th 77. Meaning it was patented February 6th 1877. The prentiss logo is also double stamped 




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