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Not much to add beyond four suggestions.

#1 Put a leather washer in between the ball ends of your handle for quieter operation.

#2 Make a receptacle plate for the leg end to spread the forces so you don't hammer it through your deck!

#3 Make a set of shims with through-rods such that the rods allow the shim to hang between the jaws on one side.  That'll allow you to firmly hold long stock of equal size to the shim on the other side, bypassing the screw.  Bonus points if you make them so they're on the vice stand without getting in the way of other work.

#4 Find a way to securely hold a water vessel for ballast in that workmate.  A five gallon bucket full of water will add about 50lbs of ballast, which helps a lot when you're trying to hot-twist stock.  Make sure to find a metal cover for the bucket, as many high carbon steel projects have an insatiable desire to jump into slack tubs.  Water is handy ballast because you can cheaply add whatever you need for the job at hand, then dump it when you're done.



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5 gal of water is a bit over 41lbs. I was a tech in the soils lab too long to let that go by. Sorry.

It's a good tip though. It's easier than keeping a couple guys around to stand on it when you need a less mobile vise.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Workmate was just to hold it for the pic.  Where it's installed, it's attached to a stump, buried about 18" in the ground, and a steel plate under the leg to carry the impact forces.   I'm certian I'll come up with various mods for it as I go.   I've yet to use it, but it's ready for use.  And I may be able to get some forge time in on Mon. But this weekend is all booked up with the honey do list.

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