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What is wrong with this vise?

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What's the condition of the screw? If it's in good shape then it will likely sound fine after some lubrication. If the coil spring is causing issues you can make a new spring for it easily.

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Looks like the jaws meet ok. Bottom bolt area might need adjustment or repair. 

Like has been said, the spring looks to have been replaced but the replacement seems to be getting the job done. A replacement of the original style isn't hard to make. 

The welded on replacement bolt down mount could be made as well but if it works, it works till you have time to play and If you want to bring it back to its original state. From the video it seems to work and will work better mounted instead of hanging free. 

That said, if you bought it, it's fine. If you are thinking of buying it I would point out all the "repairs" and that it is not original then discount the price according to what work and materials it needs to be put back to original design. 

What does the screw and screwbox look like? As Chelonian said, that is the important part and 90+% of the value. 

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I am buying it for $145. My current one I paid $75 for but that was three years ago. 

The guy seems cool. From Claremore.  Billy Helton. Seems to make good knives. He has his JS qualification. 

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4.5”. He recently acquired another one with 6” jaws. 

Do any of you know the guy?  I’m picking it up Thursday. Looking forward to meeting him and seeing his shop. 

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