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The one on left is designed to be used in a vise. Made from 1” 1045 round bar, quenched in water and tempered to straw twice. 

The right one is made for the anvil, vise or stump and is made from an 1-1/4” cv axle I think. It was about 14” long and had splines on both ends. hard to forge, quenched in oil and drawn to purple twice. Put it to the test and I need practice but was starting to get the swing of it. Thanks for looking. 






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A friend who used to work in the plant that made axles and he said that at the time he was there; they were made from 1050H for smaller ones and 1541H for larger ones. (with 1 3/8" unforged diameter being the line of demarcation and 1 3/8 being on the 1050H side).

I've made some bottom fullers just by forging a section to fit the hardy hole and bending the rest so it lays flat on the anvil.  I've got a large one put aside in case I get a hankering to make some hammers.

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