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Welding cart/torch stand for my oxy-propane rig


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The hook has been successfully reshaped and is now substantially more secure. 





I’m also working on easing up the action of the pedal, which is kind of stiff. I’ve added a counterweight to balance the pedal itself, and I need to open up the guide holes that the vertical rod passes through. More to come. 

Unfortunately, the stand tipped over as I was lifting it down from the welding table, it Ianded hard, and the pilot light snapped off. VERY annoying. I’ll check with my local welding supply place to see if they carry the right part; if not, I’ll have to order one. 

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Glenn, the tanks weren’t on the cart when that happened. I doubt I could have lifted it onto the welding table in the first place if they had been. 

7 hours ago, Frosty said:

Bummer about it falling over and breaking the pilot. 

Frosty, your talent for understatement shines through like the North Star on a clear winter night. 

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Did you order extra pilots? They're in a kind of vulnerable position, a tap from a torch can do them right in and a person doesn't want to take a lot of time with the gas flowing out of the tp. It was pretty common for guys to move a little fast and get too close to the pilot cup until they got used to using a gas saver. I don't recall anyone putting a guard over one though so maybe it isn't a big deal. 

Maybe do any more welding on the floor? Just a thought. 

Axial tilt and the local star are making it hard to see other stars though I suppose Polaris was visible in the wee hours this morning but I was sleeping. The voices have seen it.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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The place I ordered from only had one in stock, so I just ordered that one. I like the idea of a guard; even a bent rod to keep the torch from making contact would be better than its current naked vulnerability.

I still have some work that would best be done up on the table, if only for the sake of my lower back. I'll probably just take the gas saver off first.

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9 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

"your talent for understatement shines through like the North Star on a clear winter night. "  pretty much an understatement too as the north star is fairly dim compared to Rigel and Betelgeuse!

The 'clear as ' metaphor that always comes to mind is 'clear as a glass bell, on a cold night, in Montana, before Statehood' but it works for Alaska too.

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Well, unless something tends to be drastically changed when I get the replacement pilot light installed, I think we’re done. 


I added some more counterweight and opened up the lifter guides to make the pedal action easier:



And added a self-storing weight for holding the gas saver arm down while it’s in torch mode:



(Feeling pretty good about that last detail, too. Rather clever, if I say so myself.)

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May I suggest you rotate the economiser around 90˚ so that the actuator arm is way from the bottles? When the torch is alight it may be a bit too easy to direct the flame down onto the gauges and pipes when you hook it on to shut down.

On mine I kept it all clear to ensure that when lighting and extinguishing it is easiest to direct the torch nozzle away from any object that might have a gas seep....


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Fired it up today for the first time since final assembly. Everything appears to work well, with the exception of the pilot light, which I can’t get to hold a flame. It seems to want to blow itself out, and I can’t figure out how it’s supposed to be adjusted. 

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First actual project in torch mode: forging a notions bowl for Lisa. The pedal worked beautifully. 


Holding the workpiece up to the torch was a bit tiring, though. I have an idea for a folding support that should improve things. More to come....

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