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I Forge Iron

What I learned with my thermometer.

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I recently did a bit of maintenance on my trusty gas forge. I built this 3 years ago using an old air tank and advice from this site. I use it at least once a week and I guestimate it is 250 cu.in.. I got the parts from Mr. Coe and I have a little over $150 into it including the commercial burner (mathewson) which has worked great

I built this forge about the same time I bought the coal forge it is sitting on and it works so well and is so convenient that I have only burned coal a dozen times since. 

It has worked great but I needed to patch a couple cracks and a couple voids near the burner inlet. I also replaced my kiln shelf floor, expanded my sliding door shelf, and made a pull out rest

I found that I have been wasting some gas because the temp was about the same at 3-7 psi  I normally forge around 5 psi but think I will keep it at 3 for general forging  C866D7B1-3144-4EAB-ADDC-6B8FDF30F509.thumb.jpeg.325c9faeedbb32ef6131398048e92840.jpeg

I also learned that the door wants to be open a bit at any psi and full open at 15psi. I found this interesting as I usually keep the door closed as much as possible thinking that would increase the temperature . I didnt take it any higher as it seems to be screaming at 15  

I played with the air intake throttle too. It seems to like about 3/4 open at 5 and full open at 10-15psi. 

all in all a fun couple hours



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