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walnut handled integral bolster knife

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 Thisknife was made as a replacement for my dad's hunting knife. He got the original decades ago and over the years it wore and chipped and was reground multiple times, the final straw was a huge chip broken out from the middle.

This knife follows the blade profile of the original (although I adjusted the lines a little to make it  a bit more attractive than the original) but the handle of the original wasn't great in my opinion so I changed that as well. It has the flavor of the original but with some updates.
It started as a 1/2x1 piece of carbon steel, I drew out the blade to rough shape then the handle before going back to the blade for  final shaping.
There's a distal taper on the blade as well as the tang for balance. The scales are walnut with tubular copper rivets and are inlayed with my dad's (and my own technically) initials E.S. in fine silver wire as well as a decorative scroll above and below. Alot of "firsts" for me on this one, first time doing a full tang integral bolster, first time with this blade shape, and first time doing the wire inlay on an actual project.

I'm pretty happy with the result !








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Now, Now Frosty; it's not like I suggested using transparent walnut so people could see the inlay from the other side.  I leant some to the Invisible Man for a transparent Aluminum blade he was making; but I haven't seen the result...

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My wife likes to clean the kitchen after I've gone to bed so that when I wake up and have to get to work I can't find anything.  We were discussing our increasing forgetfulness as we age with out Daughter and she asked if she needed to hire an Aide to rearrange things in the kitchen at night  while we were asleep.   So thoughtful!

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He makes way to many assumptions and there is too much “magic” in his work for him to be thinking he is doing “science”.  Cool video none the less.  Some of it made me think of histology.  But I was wondering, why not just go with plexiglass, since that is essentially what he has. 

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